NEW! 30 Minutes in Heaven (Spontaneous Song) MP3 Instant Download

NEW RELEASE! 30 Minutes in "Heaven" is an eyewitness account of an open vision Reeni has during an event as she and her band enter into the phenomena of the spontaneous song of the Lord in worship that is completely unrehearsed. Preserved in its original format, Reeni sings what she is seeing as the realms of heaven instantly open before her eyes and she is caught up into the fullness of God's heavenly supply where she describes in song what her spirit being encountered.

You are invited to join in worship to God with Reeni for this full 30 minutes of Heaven's unpublished song being birthed right before your eyes with taking holy communion at the end of the song. Engage in dancing on the Sea of Glass, encountering Cherubim and Seraphim as the 24 Elders are casting their crowns before the Lord. This is a song about divine romance, seeing Jesus face to face with angelic activity all around. Some studio enhancements added for ambiance.

This song is being released for a love offering of $25.00 or more at this time. Proceeds will go towards new studio equipment to produce even more songs and for Reeni's upcoming Israel trip. Please keep your receipt for your end of the year tax records.

Song duration: 30 minutes

Song Format: MP3 Instant Digital Download

File Format: Zip File

File Size: 74mb

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