Breaking Generational Curses 2 Hour Prophetic Webinar Video (Digital Download) Reeni Mederos

DESCRIPTION: 2 Hour Prophetic Webinar Training Video & on the subject of “Breaking Generational Curses” with Prophet Reeni Mederos. Many times we experience habitual tendencies that we can’t seem to shake. We try and try to pray, worship, read the word and do our best to not fall into certain actions, but we just can’t seem to nip it in the bud. Generational curses come through demonic forces that pass down through the generations that are still alive and active curses that can affect us through our ancestry bloodline. Everyone has generational curses, but it is only those who are educated through God’s word and anointed teaching, prayer and mentoring that can be thoroughly set free of these demonic forces that seem to control the lives of well meaning people.

Learn how identify curses in your family, isolate them and break their power once and for all. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly and living under a generational curse is not God’s intention of abundant life. God wants to set your fee. Outwit the devil by getting informed and delivered of these family traits once and for all. God has called you to freedom, not to bondage. You will be equipped with the armor of God to know how to battle this diabolical force! Don’t Miss Your Impartation!

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