Dethroning Jezebel 8 CD Teaching Series by Prophet Reeni Mederos (Digital Download)

NEW! From the School of Elijah Fire Event, Prophet Reeni prophetically trains you through this POWERFUL in-depth revelatory study on “Dethroning Jezebel,” revealing the characteristics of witchcraft inside and outside the church and how to overcome it through the Fire of Elijah and Jehu Anointing. Eight areas of this MUST HAVE and absolutely necessary training include:

1) The Fire of Elijah

2) The Characteristics of Jezebe

3) The Wilderness of Fear

4) The Lies of Jezebel & The Ahab Anointing

5) The Jehu Anointing

6) The Miracles of Elijah

WITH 2 BONUS CD'S: Personal Group Mentoring and Q & A Session with Prophet Reeni Mederos

Dethrone Jezebel! Overcome Witchcraft! Flow in the Jehu Anointing! Break Free from Fear of Man! Flow in Elijah's Supernatural Fire!

Contents: 1 downloadable zip file containing all 8 teachings (780mb)

Note: No Refunds for Digital Downloads

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